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31st January 2019

Available now from the links below and all major download stores worldwide!!!

Back from the success of his first release on the label which seen PULS∆R's track 'Euphoria' being commissioned for the FA CUP Semi Final against Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur; which was aired on BBC ONE, BBC SPORT, BBC 5 LIVE & LIVE SPORT RADIO, has be a massive achievement for his first outing on the label. This time round he comes back harder and stronger for which is set to be another mind-blowing anthem from the Russian maestro.

BE FREE is set to be another classic release from PULS∆R and NEMESIS RECORDINGS. Many DJ's have been supporting this number for a few months now from the likes of ANDY C, PENDULUM, SUB FOCUS, THE PROTOTYPES, RANDALL, CULTURE SHOCK, DIMENSION, CRISSY CRIS, just to name a few. Luscious synths and pads make your hairs stand on end from the get go while the swirling vocals grab your mind and take you on a journey of old school reminiscence of music from back in the day. Once this bad boy drops its game over as the reece bassline and punchy beats make this one a top-notch banger on the dancefloor. Trust will not be disappointed. 

Moving on to OVERTAPE, with its beautifully crafted production and tight knit sounds making this another track worthy of any movie video or soundtrack. Dreamy soundscapes take you to different height's as this composition of art uplifts your body into another time and place of the future. Hard beats again and working bass tones give this track the drive and power making this another stand-alone anthem. 

Do not miss out on PULS∆R's brand new single as he takes us to territories unknown in the world of music. Another classic release from the Russian Master of Productions, PULS∆R is a name on everyone's lips right don't miss out!!!

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