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NRD004 - Origin - Invasion EP



21st December 2010

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After blowing up in 2009 with his smasher FEAR and TICK FOR TAC release on STEREOTYPE RECORDINGS and also his massive track BACK STEP on the BIG BAD AND HEAVY LP. Mr ORIGIN is back once again with another top shelf EP. Here we see the man of the hour smash dance floors once again with this blinding mini long player as he takes on all kinds of styles on this four track masterpiece. 

Opening the doors we have the mighty INVASION that has rocked clubs and party worldwide from the likes of MARKY, RANDALL, MICKEY FINN and many many more. Hard stepping beats and rugged bass make this on the main tittle track to kill for, as this one certainly takes no prisoners.
Flip over to the B side now and we come to BUBBLE PACK which is another devastating tune for the mans them. Once again trade mark ORIGIN beats stand firm while the hard militant stab bass gets all the soldiers saluting every time. 


Moving forward now as we roll through this bad boy EP, we come to another track called RUBBER GLOVES that has seen many DJ's in the game give this one the rewind. Heavy kick and snare piece the speakers hard while the bass line bounces all around the room. This one has been getting support from DJ's such as ANDY C, NICKY BLACK MARKET, HAZARD, BRYAN G, RUFF STUFF, plus to many to mention. This one will not fail to disappoint and will be a top contender for tune of the year in my eyes!

Coming to the close of this miniature long player we come to ELECTRO DREAMS where we see ORIGIN take us away on a more deeper note. Mellow bubbling bass notes play along well with stepping beats and classic vocals, one that closes this EP off really well. So all in all a massive release from the North West London pioneering producer who has had a great year so far and is set to do bigger things in 2011. So be aware and on the look out for more DJ ORIGIN cuts to come out later in the year. Absolute killer EP!





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