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1st December 2012

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Having been nominated as best break through producers at the 2012 DRUM & BASS AWARDS earlier this year NORTH BASE just seem to be turning heads right now as some of the best labels in the game all want a slice of this brand new production outfit, so you maybe asking the question why is this! Well go no further because here you will find this years killer anthem.


MIND GAMES is one of those tracks that sucks you all the way in and then regurgitates it back out in your face as this bass mover and stomach churner will show you the way to anthem bashing! Hard kick and solid snare work really well over the rough neck bass line that gives this track the groove it needs. I really do not to need to say any more on this number as you can take a peek for yourself! Do not miss out on this soon to be classic dance floor burner!


Flip the script to something a little bit special and you will find that SONIC & SILVER aka ACCIDENTAL HEROES are back in the game again! Having not made a tune together for a few years now the lads are finally back in force and are working on more new music as we speak! If you know about classic SONIC & SILVER sounds then you know your in for a real treat here! Trademark drums and warped out virus styled bass notes forms in the title track SHADOW as this one takes no prisoners! Already being played by the likes of DJ MARKY, ORIGINAL SIN, TAXMAN, DJ ORIGIN, CHEF, A SIDES, and many more key names in the world of drum and bass.


Get on this now as this will be a collectors item for many years to come as both artists have already established them selfs as being top shelf stackers! Go grab your copy today! Mastered by Beau @ Masterpiece London



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