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2nd September 2013

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The man like THE FORCE has returned back to the mighty NEMESIS RECORDINGS after leaving off from his classic SPREAD OUT track that came out earlier this year on the label!

Well he's done it once again and this time with a killer E.P for all the real jungle heads out there. THE FORCE has had countless releases on labels such as DSR Records, Stereotype records, Benefit Beats, his own label Rebel Bass and many more over the years. But here we see him drop his first anticipated extended player for the mighty label in hand. 

Starting off the show we have the massive 100 YEARS A DAY which is the sound track to this banging E.P and let alone a real party starter. Thumping kick and snare works well in the mix while the dub wise bass notes make your feet move and groove to this number over and over again, a defiant club worker if you don't mind me saying so. 

Next on the list we have the sounds of COMPASSION with its erie reece bass line and classic vocals from back in the day. This one will take you on a mission to stepping correctly as the beats and bass make this track one for the massive at four in the morning and a sweaty rave. 

140 Massive get your seat belts on as Jay THE FORCE hits hard with this number right here. Already being smashed by the likes of SKREAM, MISTAJAM, N-TYPE, HATCHA, NORTH BASE and many more.This one is a serious tune not to be messed with; FULL OF STARS is a hard working amen smasher that will take the skin clean off your face! Once the bass has destroyed all you bones you are left hanging in the wind after you play this tune. Once again big beats and hard terrorising bass comes at you like a freight train at 140 BPM. 

Last on the list is SELECTA BOY that has caused quite a storm over at the NEMESIS office. This one has got everyone going crazy down here and I am hoping you guys will all do the same after you hear the track in question. Once again THE FORCE does what he does best and rolls out yet again another dance floor classic. Big deep deadly subs are what are in store for you today. As per usual heavy artillery kick and snare wrap up tightly in this track with all the effect sounds taking you away to the next dimension. 

Without giving away too much on this E.P get out there now and purchase this great shelf classic that will do the damage at any rave or parties! Being supported by the likes of LTJ BUKEM, FABIO & GROOVERIDER, NICKY BLACK MARKET, A-SIDES

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