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31st October 2013

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If you're a true drum and bass solider, I am sure by now you have heard the name MALDINI flying around for a few years or so. 
This Drum & Bass veteran was part of the super group BAD COMPANY that took the music world by storm with their new and unique twist on the music form way back in 1998! Having had seminal classics such as THE NINE (Voted best drum and bass track of all time!!) THE PULSE, OXYGEN, NITROUS and albums like INSIDE THE MACHINE, DIGITAL NATION and so on. 

We are proud to announce our first of many releases to come from the wonder kid known as MALDINI, as he draws for his first single on DJ SILVER's well established label NEMESIS RECORDINGS.

Here we see SPIN take control of the ones and twos as this deep, devastating and mind bending track will take control of your soul and throw it out the window. Hard military beats step their way through luscious soundscape's and mind twisting effects while the bass line sits tidy in the forefront to give it that power it needs to keep you on your feet. An amazing track that will again be classed as another classic in many years to come!

Moving on to the B Side of things and we have the mighty sounds of SYNESTHESIA, which again is another legendary track! Mysterious intro sets the pace and feeling from the get go, while hard two step beats emerge from the darkness and into the light to set control of the mood! If that's not enough for you then wait for the weighty bass that comes in to set another dimension apart from the rest!

All in all a nice start to a healthy relationship between NEMESIS RECORDINGS and the one they call MALDINI (BAD COMPANY UK). This single definitely separates the boys from the men as we take you on a journey of musical bliss and dark beats! 

OUT 31st October Halloween from all good download stores!!

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