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25th April 2014

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 From the days of Atari ST’s, Akai samplers and 45-second sample memories, Nemesis Recordings was born. First formed by Silver way back in 1996, the label has taken different facets of the electronic world, and morphed them into the Nemesis sound. The newly re-energised digital label is now up to its 27th release, which comes in the shape of some classic-sounding throwback tech step from the combined forces of NC17 and KC.


Galaxy is the starting point for the Cold World EP, and it is the perfect introduction to this intergalactic voyage. Shimmering beats clash with reaching, penetrating bass, full of that late-90s flavour that so many quest for but ultimately miss. NC and KC deliver the goods on a pounding, bumping, resolutely huge tune.


The title cut continues the next level vibes, taking an even more in-depth approach, creating a quite beautiful, futuristic soundscape in the opening, which moves into some rolling, head nodding beats and a bass line which takes up all of your speakers, giving your system a complete going over. This one will grab attention wherever it’s played.


Reality Bites is up next, with a cinematic feel to it, as synths course through the track, the energy and power poured in by the producers become obvious. Tight, constrained drums explode out of the mix later on, and eerie, howling effects top things off.


The whole EP reeks of quality, with all of the elements of classic hard-edged d&b being in evidence. If you don’t know, you simply have to get to know. The EP closes with Outland, featuring Soulculture, and we are in pure rinse-out territory right from the off. Booming and shaking its way into your bloodstream, this one laughs in the face of convention, creating its own path through the stratosphere. 

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