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29th May 2015

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Nemesis Recordings are celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2015, and have a very special release from Ukraine’s Detail for you.The list of labels on which Detail has issued his unique brand of drum & bass includes Bad Taste, Commercial Suicide and Dispatch, and now the producer hits home on Nemesis, the imprint started by Silver all the way back in ’05. The digital side of the label takes pride in its ability to combine the hottest releases with club nights and touring, and help to push the sounds of jump up, liquid, techstep and more across the globe.


Step inside NRD019, The Way and Voco from Detail.


The Way is one colossal tune, starting with a wide-scale opening, before Detail drops in some subtle beats. He holds off as much as possible, building up expectation, with the drop coming after a well- handled delay. The beats come now, with a sharp, metallic edge. The producer plays around with multiple levels of rhythm, feeling and flavour, dropping things down before coming back up. There are some hidden depths of percussion to figure out, but you’ll only have a moment before the bass bounces back in and slaps you firmly into next week. A powerful, incisive piece of music.


Voco opens with moody, atmospheric synths, before powering up into an almighty blast of electronic noise. Again, the drop doesn’t come immediately, but when it does, you better get ready. Skittering, off-key drums move in and out of the mix, as does the room-shaking bassline. Mini breaks take things up and down, as Detail shows off his dancefloor side. Add in some

massive saw effects, and you’ll understand how much of a smash hit Voco is going to be this summer.

Nemesis, in teaming up with Detail, open up yet another chapter in their story.


Get ready for The Way and Voco, and get

ready for the Nemesis takeover. 

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