19th February 2016



4th March 2016

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Toulouse’s Signs are one of the most exciting, most dynamic trios out there, consistently coming up with new and innovative music for labels like (individually) Dissected Culture, Chronic and Trouble On Vinyl, and (as a group) Red Light, Bad Taste and C4C. Now they are setting their sights on Nemesis Recordings, for whom to provide NRD021 - Obsession/Deep Future.The label goes all the way back to 2005, and recently celebrated their first decade with the 10 Years Of Nemesis Recordings album. They’ve teamed up with Opsen, Primal Therapy and Le Lutin to continue the rich run of form for both artist and label. 


Obsession sets the mood, with a deep, space-age intro, containing some resonating percussion and sharp, metallic background elements. The pace is picked up, with sounds coming in and out of the mix, before the bass drives its way in. The rhythm slowly establish itself, and you’ll soon find yourself nodding along to the industrial and sparse Obsession. Snatches of melody do cut in, but this one’s pretty much all about smashing up your brain and the dancefloor in equal turn. Finely balanced and exotic like the finest French wine, this is new neuro, a vision of the future. You’ll soon become obsessed with this one. 


The savage, marauding Deep Future is on the flip, with its snarling, animalistic opening and sense of ominous evil throughout. The producers strip away any pretense, and let their spirits fly into the underground. Booming bass dominates the sound of Deep Future, as Signs match menace with music, attack with defence. The drums are cut up and dispatched, with serious attention to detail. Every note is accounted for, and everything goes into making this one a smasher. Discerning DJs will love to play Deep Future, expect to hear this on mixes near and far.


NRD021 is a serious slice of futuristic d&b - play loud.

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