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29th July 2016

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Kitcha is back. After a string of highly praised released both under his own name and as Northern Lights, the Leeds-based DJ and producer returns with the fittingly-named The Return EP for the amazing Manchester imprint Nemesis Recordings. Nemesis and Kitcha is a perfect match, allowing the musician full range over the four tracks of the EP, where he explores styles new and old. 

Kitcha sound has been supported by the likes of Congo Natty and Shogun Audio, as well as True Tiger, who released some of his beats on their own imprint Stripes. The new EP is bold, brash and in your face, so turn it up loud. 

The title track opens up with a considered, light intro, with the beat making its presence felt quickly. Then, well, the earth opens up and swallows you as Kitcha turns it on big style. Booming bass erupts and the beats sharpen up and quicken up to punch you squarely in the face. This is party-style drum & bass with a hint of the vintage about it. Strong stuff, and surely a statement of intent from Kitcha. Proof In The Pudding follows, employing a hip hop vibe in the intro, leading into a sampled MC rhyme. Once again, it’s all hands to the pumps for the drop, which is overlaid with a slightly acid-like synth line and some rough beats. Ravers will no doubt go mad for ‘Proof…’ as will DJs far and wide. This is good stuff. 

MC Rafta comes on to Spark It next, a darkside trip into madness. Sparse and spare beats are counteracted by some fast-paced bassline action. The track moves into some seriously frenetic territory later on, as Rafta’s rhymes flow in and out of the mix. Kitcha’s Crazy About You on the closer, in an interesting sting in tail. Rolling, liquid vibes are on display here, with a well-worked sample leading to some classy breaks and waves of bass. 

Showing that the man can do it all, this is a great end to one of the releases of the year so far. 

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