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11th November 2016


25th November 2016

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Formed in 2005, Nemesis Recordings was founded on a love of jungle and drum & bass music. Label head honcho Silver brought together the very best sounds which had influenced him throughout his DJing career and fed this into a seminal imprint, one which would serve as a platform for his own musical output. Boasting over 30 releases on the label, it’s played host to an array of key artists and top producers, from Skream to Dubphizix, dipping into every genre that’s available across contemporary dance music. And they’re not about to stop anytime soon; North Base are here to make up an offering to Nemesis, returning to its roots for a no holds barred approach which cuts you deep from start to finish.

North Base themselves are an award winning production outfit, who’ve delivered remixes for some of the biggest names within the music industry, whether that’s Craig David & Example. Their standalone releases have also featured heavily in the sets of Andy C and Mistajam, receiving support from every corner of the musical spectrum. It’s not surprise then, that on first listen this single is undeniably big. But when you break down the tracks individually, their even more impressive.

Up first is ‘Planet X’ which ramps up on elevating synth and stabbing pads, growing layer on layer until they’re bursting at the seams. You’re then thrown into absolute chaos, with drum skits taking you from each segment on top of a bassline that swells with power. Zipping and turning between its carefully strung out drops, North Base commands your full attention through the track’s entirety. A certified dancefloor destroyer, if you’re looking for a livener you’ve found the right record.

‘Get Away’ on the other hand points to a totally different direction. Taking you down to a lower frequency but with a mix that’s still heavy and oozing with production prowess, this is North Base at their most creeping. Still keeping their menacing air, you’ll instantly recognize ‘Get Away’ if you’ve caught the guys this year at a few of the World’s major festivals, whether that’s Tomorrowland or Creamfields. That’s why North Base are so huge, because they detonate these types of sonic assaults on crowds of thousands.

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