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10th November 2017


24th November 2017

Out now from the store links below and all major download stores worldwide!!!

Kihmera touches down on Silver's mighty NEMESIS RECORDINGS for his first release on the label. Being a music producer, songwriter, audio engineer and DJ Originally halling from Newcastle but now currently based in Leicester. He has teamed up with Spawn from Square One in Nottingham on their first release together on label. 

Starting off the show we have Kihmera & Spawn come charging out of the asylum doors screaming, leaving a trail of bassline destruction in their wake with their (quite frankly bonkers) track 'Lunatic'. Creepy atmospherics and synths lead us to the man himself proclaiming he's 'a party f****n animal... Lunatic! The track drops into a tech driven fury that builds and builds until it's well and truly torn the house down!!

Kihmera - I Need You

With 'I Need You' Kihmera puts the dancefloor into overdrive. Don't be fooled by the dark undertones of the intro and haunting vocals as you're suddenly catapulted into a hands in the air festival banger. The beat drops and we're off on a sizzling, synth driven, melodic journey into drum and bass.

Kihmera has had releases on Original Sin's label (under former artist alias Dan Blackout), Image Muzik. His debut release 'Storm (Your Game)' (Featured on Image Muzik's 'We Are Your Friends' LP) was supported by drum and bass's biggest players including Friction, Crissy Criss & Grooverider, and also got a substantial amount of on-line coverage thanks to Liquicity featuring the track on their YouTube Channel. 

He has featured as a guest on Friction's BBC Radio 1 show.

Technique Recordings, Celsius Recordings, Smokin' Riddems and Formation Records have snapped up Kihmera's latest offerings; it's clear there's much more to come.

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