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16th March 2018


30th March 2018

Available now from the links below and all major download stores worldwide!!!

Hailing from Moscow Russia PULSAR touches down on Silver's mighty NEMESIS RECORDINGS label with his first single on the label entitled 'Euphoria / Move It Back'. Formally one half of the production duo CYNEMATIC , PULSAR is no newcomer to the drum & bass scene. With releases on Viper Recordings in the form of Polarity,Space City,Shuttle' and Daytona, PULSAR takes his knowledge & Strengths from years of production and hard work and implies it in this belting two track slammer.


'Euphoria' does exactly what it says on the tin. Uplifting intro chords and pads gets the synapsis going from the get go. Smooth 80's synths are blended with fusioned funk and raw core sounds which makes this one of the stand out tracks to come from the Russian maestro. Hard and punchy kick and snare meets warm deep bass as this one pulsates & moves throughout your body and soul. Set to be a big summer anthem this year 'Euphoria' is already gaining support from some of the top DJ's/Producers in the Drum & Bass scene.


Flip the script, turn the page and we have 'Move It Back', another fast paced sweltering anthem that will cause mayhem on any dancefloor. Inspired by flashing lights and the speed of sound this one will get the temperatures rising to a all time high. Once again, Superb & amazing drum work links up with pulsating bass notes to give this number the drive it needs to 'Move It Back'. Another top DJ tool to have in the box this year, trust . 


We are predicting BIG THINGS for PULSAR in 2018 and beyond and would love to have you all on board for the journey this artist has to offer us in terms of production skills, track writing, and all out style and panache. PULSAR is a highly magnetized, rotating neutron star that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation....


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