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31st May 2019

Available now from the links below and all major download stores worldwide!!!

You may or may not have heard of Japans hottest new export? Well Briefly. He came to London in 2011 and fell in love with the sounds of Drum & Bass & Jungle music. Mainly interested in Old Skool 90's & Jump up from labels such as V Records, True Playaz, Joker, Dope Dragon, Dread, Ruffneck Ting, Suburban Bass, Kemet Kru, Trouble on Vinyl and many more. He found where his true soul belongs. After so much Love for the sound and music he began to produce and write his own music in 2013 for labels such as YOUNG GUNS & ORIGINAL KEY. Since then he moved to Germany in 2017 to further his craft within the scene and to connect with people from around the world with his unique sound and take on the form.

Starting off the show we have MUSASHI named after his home town back in Japan, and trust we. He's took this one back home to the front door. Hard stepping beats thump ya face from the get go to make the intro roll out nice and easy until we reach the penultimate drop. Stop, Pause, Bassline, Dance is whats on the menu right here as the twisted bass tones melts with the structured drum pattern to bring this moulded gem . A true roller indeed if thats your thing and one tune that is set to make the dance floor go off at any time trust we. We have seen it in action.

Next up we have TIGER FIST with its western oriental styled intro to make you draw for the samurai sword or gun for that matter. Once again full on military drums take over a hard reece tone to get you in the mood for this worker of a track. Roaring Tigers Kung Fu samples take full hold while the sub bass just take you on a journey to the unknown. This one is bound to please the heads out there.

Other Tracks on the EP include YO which has been murdering dance floors around the world from Tokyo to London to Manchester and beyond. Also on the E.P we have THE TOXIC AVENGER, DANGEROUS NIGHT and closing off the EP in fine style with TIME. TOMOYOSHI is one producer to be on the look out for months to come as his style and sound are being supported by some of the best artists within the scene. We welcome TOMOYOSHI to the NEMESIS family and look forward to watching his flourishing career in the drum & bass scene..

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