14th February 2020


28th February 2020

Will be available from the links below and all major download stores worldwide!!!

Parallel is an 18 year old Drum & Bass music producer from Norwich in Norfolk United Kingdom. He started producing when he was 17 years old in 2018. Zach started off by learning to mix on a Pioneer DJ SSB-2 Controller and from there he started to gain interest into individual artist’s songs and their own unique sounds and techniques, such as “Siumla”, “Serum”, “Voltage”, “Benny L” and many more. One of the main reasons that he started producing was purely for exploration of the possibilities of sound and production.

Parallel has collaborated with artists such as: “Alchemist”, “Shayper” and “Kontakt plus has had a couple of releases on the labels “Breeze Records” and “Incurzion Audio” and now sees him touch down on Silver’s (North Base) mighty Nemesis Recordings.


The track “Trust” features soothing old skool pads in the introduction leading you the listener to believe that the track’s drop is calm, relaxing and smooth. However, this is not the case, as the pads fade out and the cool breeze fades away, your then faced with the ugliest, dirtiest, oversized, synth bass drop known to man. If this doest melt your face then I suggest giving it a good old slap and smell the acetate as this track takes no prisoners. Punchy kick and snare tantalise over the warm rumbling sub frequencies that make your hairs stand on end. One already being played buy the top elite DJ’s within drum & bass circuit.Parallel is one to look out for in the near future with more music forthcoming to Nemesis Recordings in 2020 as we celebrate 15 years of the label.