12th December 2020


26th December 2020


Available from the links below and all major download stores worldwide!!!

Haling from the South West of England come the duo know as 'PHIBES' who have been causing a ruckus with in the drum and bass community as of late. With previous Beatport numbers ones across all genres with their Beat Assassins 'Homegrown' remix or their latest outing on Born On Road Records, where their track 'DIVA' also hit the number one spot on Juno Download.

These guys mean business and we are proud to announce they are dropping their brand new single on the mighty Nemesis Recordings, joining artists on the label such as Bad Company UK, North Base, Cynematic, Pulsar, Skantia and many more.

'Why Should I' is the track in question.could this be another contender for that glorious number one spot for the duo...Well lets just wait and see!!

Anyways now back to the music.

Luscious vocals fire out from the get go, whilst those contagious synth hits touch your heart and soul as the build up comes in. and then BANG! In come those naughty kicks, snares and percussion with an added layer of seriously dirty bass tones to fully set the pace. This one is not taking any prisoners.

This one is already being coined as another hit from the duo. Don't miss out as the mighty PHIBES touch down with another classic track for the masses.