26th February 2021


Available from the links below and all major download stores worldwide!!!

After a massive 2020 for the emerging artist MASTER ERROR which has seen him jump up in the producers rank in a short period of time with his twisted take on the music form. Previous releases on labels such as Twisted Individuals's Grid Recordings also ventures on Gradient Records, Cr8DNB, Young Guns just to name a few . So we at Nemesis Recordings are happy to say we have secured a E.P of pure unadulterated madness with the man himself.

Starting off the show with his enormous title track 'EMERGE' which sees a eerie intro over a militant stab pattern that sets the pace for the insane bassline drop which will turn you inside out on the spot. Hard kick and snare take control while the bassline goodness just oozes out frequencies untold to man. One that has had support from the likes of Noisia, AC-13, North Base, Kaz, TJ and many more.

Without spoiling it to much for you all be sure to check out the aggy sounds of 'DERANGED' with its intro that turns to into metalwork, not one for the faint hearted believe we. Also get your ears round 'RECLESS' which is another mental slammer and ending the show off with the spectacular sounds of 'STEPPAZ' to close off this banger of a release. With talks of a album on the cards its a good time to get to know MASTER ERROR as he takes no prisoners with his forward thinking sound and production. One to watch in 2021 trust we.